Marc Egnal Clash of Extremes:  The Economic Origins of the Civil War  
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On the Bookshelf, Feb. 8, 2009. Here's the podcast of an interview I did with Dave (Doc) Kirby of WTBF AM/FM in Troy, Alabama. Click here to listen (MP3).

Library Company of Philadelphia, Mar. 19, 2009. Here's the podcast of a talk on Clash of Extremes. John Van Horne, Director the Library Company, and Cathy Matson, Director of the Program in Early Amerian Economy and Society, introduce me. A few questions follow. Click here to listen (MP3)

Abraham Lincoln Bookshop (Chicago), Apr. 25, 2009. Here's the video (in four parts) of a "virtual book signing" that I did with another author, Fred Reed, Jr., a collector of Lincoln memorabilia. I answer questions from the interviewer, Daniel Weinberg, and from audience members watching on the Internet. Click here for links to the video.
The American Way, July 6, 2009. My interviewer, John Lofton, describes himself as a crusader against "secular, Christless" conservatives and liberals. In this engaging exchange he defends secession and attacks that "murderous tyrant 'Dishonest Abe.'" Click here to listen to the interview.
  Civil War Talk Radio, January 7, 2011. Gerald Prokopowicz conducted a thoughtful, probing interview about the arguments and assumptions that shape my book. Click here for links to this interview.
  Presentation at Organization of American Historians, Houston, TX, March 17, 2011. C-Span filmed this session. Bruce Levine, Elizabeth Varon, and I presented our approaches to the causes of the Civil War, and then responded to questions. Michael Holt moderated. My remarks begin at about the 37 minute mark. Click here to watch this session.
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